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Providing food

When providing food to children, it is important that you collect accurate information about their food allergies.

Providing food

There are several resources that can help you to collect food allergy information. Once you have the food allergy information, you can then put strategies in place to reduce the risk of them being given a food they allergic to. 

These resources help you to document what foods children are allergic to so that you can have checks in place when providing food.

Training in how to manage food allergens when preparing, servicing and supervising food is really important. The All about Allergens online training courses are free, short, practical courses that provide practical information to help you manage food allergies in schools, children’s education and care and camps.

Further information to support providing food to children with food allergies, is included in the school, children’s education and care and camp sections of this website.

Content created November 2023.