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Staff training is a really important part of preventing and managing anaphylaxis.


Staff need to know how to prevent allergic reactions and also how to recognise and respond to an allergic reaction, including anaphylaxis.

ASCIA has developed free anaphylaxis online training for schools, children’s education and care services and the community.

In addition to full anaphylaxis training, it is important that staff keep up to date with how to recognise and respond to an allergic reaction. It is easy to forget things if you are not regularly refreshing your knowledge and skills.

ASCIA has developed a free anaphylaxis refresher course which only takes about 15 minutes to complete and this course should be undertaken by staff twice a year.

Managing food allergies when preparing food is different to anaphylaxis training. The National Allergy Council has developed the All about Allergens online courses to help people who are responsible for preparing, serving and supervising food and meal times. These courses are available free of charge.

Content created November 2023.