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Individualised anaphylaxis care plan template

docxIndividualised anaphylaxis care plan template33.75 KB

NAC anaphylaxis incident reporting template schools

Students with an ASCIA Action Plan (red or green) should have an individualised anaphylaxis care plan. These plans may have a different name in different jurisdictions. Regardless of the name of the plan, the purpose is the same.

The purpose of the individualised anaphylaxis care plan is to document the student’s allergies, treatment to be administered in the event of an allergic reaction including anaphylaxis, and the risk minimisation strategies that will be put into place to prevent exposure to known allergens.

This template has been provided to help schools develop individualised anaphylaxis care plans for the students in their school.

Schools should check their state and territory information to see if a state or territory specific plan template is required to be used.


Content updated October 2022.